Saturday, December 27, 2008

It has been a while since I posted anything.

Christmas was really good. My sister and her husband came down and spent the day with us: we also had a few friends over.
We played games, sang carols, opened gifts, and ate ALOT of junk food lol.
On the twenthieth my brother and I had the priviledge to visit some very good friends of ours, the Sellers family. We always enjoy being with them. Patrick and John are close friends, they love to play their guitars and shoot their guns together. The girls and I are also good friends, I love spending time with them. It's good to see that there are still other people close to my age that want to serve Christ.
We went to their church Sunday - I always love being there- got to sing and play with them (as you can see above): they are all so talented and it was just a blessing to be a part of.
We also got to hear Bro. Sellers preach, which is always a blessing, as he is one of my favorite preachers.
I just love the family. Never have we returned from a visit with them without being encouraged. It's so good to have borthers and sisters in Christ!
Celebrating Jesus -
It's strange... every year before we open gifts, or do anything really, we always read the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2.
But, for some reason, it became incredibly real to me that this wonderful day is truly all about Jesus.
It sounds so silly and simple I know! But the Lord seemed to really magnify His day to me more than ever.
He left wonderful heaven, became just like me, and lived perfectly sinless so that I could go to wonderful heaven. I always rejoice and praise Him for this, especially during Christmas, but how easy it is to worship out of routine.
I just praise God for making this all the more real in my heart this Christmas season!
Yes, He became human, lived sinlessly, died, and was buried. But He rose again, and is still on the throne today!
Recently a friend of mine told me that God, the Spirit, faith, and... pretty much everything I beleive: it's all in my head.
O, to be honest, sometimes... it would be so easy to believe this.
But I'm happy to say that I serve a God who is real! He is never changing! He is not made up in my mind, He made my mind. I'm not holding Him, but He is holding me! He is not in my imagination, but I am made in His image! He is GOD!
How wonderful it is to be reminded this on Christmas. I just praise God for being God.
I'm not going to lie, I have been at a point of giving up, but I'm so happy that when He came as a baby and lived in this sinful world, He did not give up!
And He never gives up on me.
"He is the potter, I am the clay. Molded in His image He wants me to stay, but when I stumble and I fall and my vessel brakes- He just picks up the peices, He doesn't throw the clay away.
Over and over He molds me and makes me. Into His likeness He fashions the clay....."
I just want to encourage you. You have brothers and sisters in Christ. There are still people all around serving the Lord. And He is still God!


Nina in Portugal said...

Thanks for the picture Lenea of your trip to Milledgeville. I miss my church family.

I'm glad ya'll had a good visit with them. I've seen some of your pics on facebook....looks like you guys turned that mall upside-down!!

Love you sweet girl!

Happy New Year!

Sandy Sellers said...

As always, we enjoyed our time with you and Patrick. Love ya so much.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey! Just found your blog. :)